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My Hacking Video Collection 0

My Hacking Video Collection

My Hacking Video Collectionhttp://rapidshare.com/files/102927919/Account.rar Video on Botnets http://rapidshare.com/files/92971605/Botnets.part01.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/92978512/Botnets.part02.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/92984094/Botnets.part03.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/93020483/Botnets.part04.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/93023585/Botnets.part05.rarDenial Of Service Attack Video http://rapidshare.com/files/94110420/Denial_of_serveice___botnet.part1.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/94113521/Denial_of_serveice___botnet.part2.rar Wireless Hacking Video http://rapidshare.com/files/94965089/Hacking_wireless_system.part1.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/94412153/Hacking_wireless_system.part2.rar Root kit and Backdoor video http://rapidshare.com/files/98090332/Rootkit___Backdoor.part1.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/98093600/Rootkit___Backdoor.part2.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/98083123/Rootkit___Backdoor.part1.rar Hacking Unix System http://rapidshare.com/files/97839522/Hacking_Unix_system.part1.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/98084045/Hacking_Unix_system.part2.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/98084045/Hacking_Unix_system.part3.rar System Hacking Video http://rapidshare.com/files/99865070/System_Hacking.part01.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/99870408/System_Hacking.part02.rarhttp://rapidshare.com/files/99867492/System_Hacking.part03.rar Hacking Web Application...

Latest Method To Hack Orkut – Using Greasemonkey 2

Latest Method To Hack Orkut – Using Greasemonkey

Let me make it clear that I don’t want to steal credits for this method.This method is found by XxSidxX.Now, let’s move on. 1) First of all, your victim MUST HAVE FIREFOX WITH GREASEMONKEY.Download...

Basic XSS tutorial 3

Basic XSS tutorial

===================Disclaimer===================Neither the author or the website where this tutorial is published is responsible for any actions you take with the information in this tutorial..This tutorial has been written for educational purposes only..=======Intro:=======In this tutorial...

Google Launched New Free Web Application 0

Google Launched New Free Web Application

I’ve found it very interesting and may be you are interested… It’s “Google Friend Connect”, see how Google explains their new service … Google Friend Connect lets you grow traffic by easily adding social...

Pronouncable Password Genrator 0

Pronouncable Password Genrator

Pronouncable Password GenratorHeres Some Soft ……This Is For Coders And Learners .Evry Password Genrated IS Pronouncable And Hence RemembrableExe Apphttp://www.FreeUploading.com/files/5ycWHqf/password_genrator_exe.php If anyone needs code relpy here…I ll post it here. Regards: XC (Xtreme Coder)

Compile C code online 0

Compile C code online

This service is being provided as a convenience to users who need to be able to produce a small DOS program and do not have access to a DOS machine with a compiler on...

Ten tips for writting a blog post 0

Ten tips for writting a blog post

1. Make your opinion known People like blogs, they like blogs because they are written by people and not corporations. People want to know what people think, crazy as it sounds they want to...

Multiple login for google talk 0

Multiple login for google talk

Multiple login in google talk!!!(really working)you don’t need to download anything but simply change the command line parameter. Follow the steps given below : 1)Right click on the Google Talk shortcut.2)Click on Properties.3)Go to...

Make your XP talk 1

Make your XP talk

Open a text file in notepad and write: Dim msg, sapimsg=InputBox(“Enter your text”,”Talk it”)Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)sapi.Speak msgSave the file with a (*.vbs) extension, it will create a VBScript File.It will prompt you for a text,...

Googlify your Nokia smart phone 0

Googlify your Nokia smart phone

Do you miss the magical G when you’re away from your PC? Do you also own a Nokia smartphone? A Google search bar is now available to download for the home-screen on your E-...