Author: Preetish

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What’s new in AngularJS 2.0

In this article I’ve examined some of the new features of AngularJS 2.0 like AtScript, improved dependency injection and improved router.


Social Media Marketing Strategy Simplified

With the widespread usage of internet around the world, social networking has become integral part in the lives of many people. According to a report by ComScore, “Social Media is the most popular online...


Find your WiFi password when you forget it

Sometimes we configure our computer to automatically connect to wireless network. With time we tend to forget the password and this leads to some serious head banging after some time. Well, there are simple...


Add Facebook comment box to wordpress sites

These days user engagement through social network is going over the top. It is a great idea to integrate the facebook comment box with existing commenting system of the wordpress blog. As Facebook is...


Set default text in WordPress post editor

Sometimes we need add posts with a particular framework or a piece of text in every post which involves repetition. Now, would not it be great, if wordpress post editor woild have that text...


WordPress post-pages not found

After migrating my WordPress blogs from one server to another, some of the blogs encountered this error “404 Error: File Not Found. The page you are looking for might have been removed,had its name...


Top 10 Social Media Analytics Tool

Over the last decade social media has come a long way and needless to say the growth rate has been phenomenal.Every other brand is investing in some form in order to to tap this...