Social Media Marketing Strategy Simplified

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

With the widespread usage of internet around the world, social networking has become integral part in the lives of many people. According to a report by ComScore, “Social Media is the most popular online activity worldwide” and it has also reached more than 82% of world’s online population. This robust growth of social media has given a rise to whole new world of opportunity to brands for communicating with their target audience. In order to effectively leverage the tremendous power of social media, the marketing strategy needs to be chalked out in following steps:

  • The primary activity for creating social media strategy is to define the objective that may include: increase in brand awareness, reputation management, lead generation and customer support. The platforms to be used for these activities would differ depending upon the objective. For example LinkedIn is more effective for B2B marketing in comparison to Facebook.
  • Every brand has some kind of human personality. It can be joyful, adventurous, sincere, rebellious etc. This humanized tone of voice must be projected in a synchronous manner across all of the social media platforms.
  • Marketing on social media platform gives option to specifically target different segment of audience. By catering to various segments of target audience, engagement and eventually customer acquisition can be increased.
  • It is a human tendency to associate with each other and form communities. So, a brand can use social media to build a strong community by providing value to different segment of audience. Blogs created by brands and engagement from social media can help in creating community of loyal customers.
  • Social media platform can be used to influence the influencers in these communities. A influencer can be anyone from peers or celebrities with credibility and authority.
  • Set of metrics need to be defined covering various activities carried on the social media.They can be anything ranging from channel plan, listening activity, lead generation to content creation.
  • These metrics must be used for measuring ROI for the activities which cost of acquisition, value per conversion. Now, iterations must be carried out to create efficient social media marketing strategy.

Various aspects of Social Media Marketing can be broadly divided into the following:

  • Advertising:Various social media platforms from facebook to twitter have options for advertising. Even new platform like Pinterest recently launched “Promoted Pins”.
  • Analytics: Although the platforms have inbuilt analytics tool. There are many third party tools who help brands delve deep into the vast information overflow in order to find out insights. The idea is to convert social efforts into measurable business results. Adobe, SAS, IBM has launched powerful social media analytics tools.
  • Content: The content that goes into the social media by any brand must reflect the value that brand wants to provide and cement the positioning in the mind of target audience.
  • CRM: Platforms like, adobe marketing cloud and IBM Marketing solutions provide valuable sources for managing customer relationship as well as digital marketing solution.
  • Metrics & ROI: Metrics and ROI are integral part of Social Media Marketing strategy. Theese must be carefully evaluated for optimising and getting the most of marketing plan.

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