Track Facebook Ad Using Google Analytics

It is always handy to track Facebook campaigns in Google Analytics just like Google Adwords campaigns. Needless to say that tracking let’s advertiser know which campaign is effective. This advertising effort can be be easily tracked via URL tagging. Custom URL tagging becomes essential, as it makes visitor data clutter free and easier to analyze consumer behavior by different data set.

Step 1

We will be using Google URL builder.

Facebook Campaign Track

Facebook Campaign Track

The primary variables are source, medium and campaign name.But, additional variables like term and content help in deep analysis. Particularly helpful because, it gives a post-view of how visitors from facebook campaign are engaging with the site.

Step 2
Access Google Analytics > Traffic Sources > Sources > Campaign .

Access Google Analytics

Access Google Analytics

Step 3

To parse the traffic from facebook campaign, a custom segment should be created. In the top left of Google Analytics dashboard Advanced Segments can be accessed. Click on it and then click on + New Custom Segment.
In order to completely set-up custom segment, fill up source and medium information.


Facebook Ad Advanced Segment

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