Add Facebook comment box to wordpress sites

These days user engagement through social network is going over the top. It is a great idea to integrate the facebook comment box with existing commenting system of the wordpress blog. As Facebook is the big daddy of the social networks, the user engagement will certainly lead to great visibility of the website. Moreover, the the commenting system introduced by facebook is very organized. We’ll go through two methods of adding the facebook comment box.

The slightly difficult way

  1. Login to and click on create new app.


  1. Go to Facebook comments social Plugin  Page.

Provide your website address and fill the options. Finally, click on the “Get code” button.


Choose HTML5 and appropriate app.


  1. Now head over to wordpress editor and click on header.php file.

  2. Copy the first piece of code obtained from facebook and paste it just below “<body>” tag. Save it.

  3. Click on comments.php file and paste the second piece of code obtained from facebook depending upon the position of the comment box (above or below the wordpress commnet box).


The easier way

  1. Download and install the plugin from the link:

  2. Login to and click on create new app. Fill up given options and copy the app id.

  3. Disable “Sandbox” mode, enter your website url in both “App Domains” and the “Website with Facebook Login” box.


  1. Paste the app id in the “facebook comments plugin” settings page of your wordpress site.

You should see the facebook comment box below the blogpost.

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