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Social Media AnalyticsOver the last decade social media has come a long way and needless to say the growth rate has been phenomenal.Every other brand is investing in some form in order to to tap this field. But, the mystery lies in measurement i.e ROI. There are two factors who make measurement such a daunting task.

1) Social media activity is primarily off-site activity which results in availability of less number of data-sets in comparison to on-site datasets.

2) Even tough social media is not new, it is still a growing marketing channel with constant evolution. This leads to lack of clear conversion goals from the brands.

To measure this ROI, there are some nifty tools available for both small and large businesses. These essentially tell the marketer how effective is the social media effort on various platforms as a whole or on specific platform.

Social efforts into measurable business results

As it seems Mayans are embarrassed and we are still kicking, let’s look at top ten social analytics tool.

Note that the tools are not in any particular order.

1) Adobe

Adobe social has gone one step ahead by integrating content creation, publishing along with analytics. It can manage Facebook pages, twitter, Google+ and many more. Real time conversation across twitter, facebook or any other forum can be tracked. This leads to quick response by the marketer. Key features are creation Facebook apps on the go and hyper-targeted content publication along with insight on how content drives action.

2) SAS Social Media Analytics

This tools can manage Youtube, Facebook, Flickr, Twitter accounts with option of data storage and mining.
Unique feature of this tool integration of market research tools along with conversation data. This leads to improved online reputation management,behavioral targeting and media planning & buying.
It also sources conversations both externally and via internal CRM systems, including

3) PeopleBrowsr

A great tool with combination of, Viral Analytics and the Command Center who lead to real time analytics for brand management.

4) PageLever

This tool only concentrates of analytics for faceebook pages. It specializes in gathering insights from third party API(Application programming interface)s once access grants are given by the admin.

5) Simply Measured

It is a data collection and aggregation tool with in-built analytics.It is strictly a SaaS application that uses Microsoft Office products as targets for downloads (Software as a service). Simply measured gives users option to easily define their own metrics along with per-defined metrics for analysis. Note that top PR agencies like Edelman are using this application.

6) Social Bakers

It offers integration of Faceebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ to provide Fan Growth, Social Interactions,Engagement Rates,Question Response Rate,Industry Benchmarking,Post Response Rate,Competitive Analysis,Monitor Response Time,
Key Influencers, etc.

7) Syncapse

This Saas tool works on Facebook, Twitter,, WordPress and YouTube with a biweekly feature update. It features Rich Media Publishing, Customized Workflow, Content Library,Influencer Identification and Sentiment Analysis.
Campaign performance can be measured using parameters such as Earned Reach, Earned Engagement, Earned Media Value and Brand Favorability.

8) Crowd Booster

Along with usual metrics of Twitter, facebook it features a unique recommendation engine. One of the example is, it can create a per-formatted twitter post to be scheduled.

9) Google Analytics

It includes the “big 5” social networks and “niche networks” such as Slideshare and Scribd. Stumbleupon and Pinterest are also included.This tool covers visits,social referrals,conversions,assisted conversions in a very intuitive interface. One of the sleek feature is social plugin, that provides insight on the number of clicks on the social media sharing buttons.

10) Radian6

This is a social media monitoring tool, that gives intel about what is being said about the brand, competitors and industry. This tool doesn’t provide have build-in ROI reporting mechanism. But, it gives the flexibility of integrating with Omniture, Google Analytics and Webtrends for ROI reporting. This product is used by more than 50% of fortune 100 companies along with many global advertising agencies.


Simplify360 Anlytics

This one is fairly new tool, with robust features. I had an instant crush by its implementation of Big Data using hadoop software framework.All in all the tool looks very promising.
The recent Social Media Analysis by the company on the Indian Talk show by Aamir Khan popularly known as Satyameva Jayate received a lot of media attention.

Cheers and Happy New Year !!

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