Windows Phone 7: Gaining a Competitive Edge

The giant returns to power! This time Microsoft comes to limit all the competitors’ ambitions by the innovative OS for mobiles. Windows Phone 7 is known as the new mobile platform released by Microsoft and related to Windows Mobile operating systems. It is based on the Windows CE 6 kernel and integrated with Xbox Live, Zune, and Bing services.

With Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft has taken a fresh approach by writing the OS from scratch. There have been a lot of improvements included in the update. Let me outline at least some of them. What catches your eye in Windows Phone 7 straight away is a unique interface not copied from other mobile platforms. A new design language has been extensively developed to pave the way for a remarkable UI, based upon Microsoft’s Windows Phone design system, codenamed Metro.

The system has been made really convenient and pleasant to use. It is stable and fast, features a sophisticated music experience, consistence update directly from Microsoft, tight cohesiveness among applications, amazing social networking integration, smooth scrolling, pinch zoom etc. Instead of static icons there are ‘live tiles’ (links to apps, features, functions and individual items), which reflect all the information online without the user’s participation.

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