Adding CPALead/LodeBolt code to WordPress Post Pages

CPA has already emerged as a very profitable internet advertising model.Recently many asked me about integrating content blocker to WordPress blog posts.Here we will discuss about two methods.Needless to say, this post assumes that you have already got your CPA code for your website.Ok, enough of talking.Let’s get into action.

1. CPA Lead Plugin

You can install CPA lead plugin to add the content blocker code for blog posts, category, pages.This plugin will also seamlessly work with LeadBolt code.

Here is the link to get the CPAlead plugin for WordPress.

After adding the plugin look for theCPAlead Gateway Options in the Settings section of LHS menu.
Click on it and enter the post name and code int the given box.After clicking on CREATE NEW, you are done.

Only thing is that, we have to manually add code the for each post.

2. Editing WordPress Theme

   i)Click editor in the Appearance section.
  ii)In the RHS menu click on Single Post (single.php).
 iii)Add your CPALead/LeadBolt code just before any one of the following closing div tag.
                                                 CODE GOES HERE


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