Dominating SERP with Long tail Keywords

Previously I discussed about Google sandbox algorithm and search engine ranking with a heads up for long tail keywords.In this post we’ll get real dirty with these type of keywords.So, what exactly is a long tail keyword ?? These are key phrases used by folks out there after narrowing down search query.In other words they the straight forward MONEY MAKERS !! We got to hit the bull’s eye to make this work and play smart.Because, the Internet is really wild with so much of nasty competition.

So, first thing first , one single page can not rank 1st in search engine result page for different keywords and page rank and site are completely different stuff. Even one of my site with a PR 0 ranks first in Google.The link base has to be diverse as well as relevant to take you upto that coveted position.

What most people generaly don’t understand is , back links from any site adds positive result to the targeted page.Well, this is pretty bassic , for new website which is not at all indexed backlinks from web statistics site work fine for the purpose of indexing.But, back links from non relevant sites with utterly diverse set of  keywords will actually confuse search engine.This will bring down your site ranking for sure.

There is one simple funda used by Google uses for ranking.They reward page with relevant information which is targeted for search phrase, not authority of a site.The only reason for this is their motto to provide “best matching” page for a search phrase.So, this is the place from where we’ll take the game into our control.One well crafted page optimized for long tail keyword can seamlessly out rank authority website.

The following are the primary factors for dominating search enignes :

Keywords : They have to be the primary target in the endeavour to rank high.Be very careful while choosing these keywords.Refer my previous post about Google sandbox algorithm, which describes about choosing long tail keywords.

Put the long tailed keyword in your title , targeted URL (of course if not the home page.) and body text.

Anchor Text : Never use large set of keywords to use as anchor text.Keep it to miximum three for the long tails.For example if you are optimizing for “adult acne solution”, try rearranging them as “acne solution
for adults” , “adult acne solution “, “solution for adult acne”.The point is try using filler word link and , the , etc for better keyword set.

Back-links :  Try to get incoming links from old sites.Because, Google also beleives “old is gold”.Jokes apart we always give respect to established brands.

We can also make use of a sensitive tactic called cross-linking, in which your own sites give incoming links to other sister sites.This is safe only if the links are relevant and they point from unique C class IP.

Link to specific page with content, not the home page (if you don’t target the home page).This is one of the simple , yet powerful approach for road to success.

Well, this is all I can think of right now.This post will be updated once if get to know something else.Once again, this is my perspective.Feel free to put your notion.

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