Building Quickfire Backlinks from Disqus Comments

A website is up and running live on the Internet.Now,one important factor in terms of SEO is backlinks.Backlink is link pointing to the target website from another website.Getting backlinks from high quality websites can do wonders to your website.Now, many people buy links from other websites.But, here we will chalk out a way to get high quality backlinks for free to lift authority of your website.
Here, we’ll try to get backlinks from blogs which have do follow blog commenting system enabled.Though, this method is known to many, this approach is different.

First of all we need three things
1. FireFox Browser
2.SearchStatus Addon
3.NoDoFollow Addon
If you already have FireFox browser, install the two addons given above.
Now, go to Disqus and register an account.Most of the blogs powered by Disqus comment system have DoFollow blog comments.We’ll be using them to get backlinks.
Next thing is using Google to find out Disqus powered blogs.Use the following query to get results:

KeyWord “blog comments powered by Disqus”

In place of KeyWord place your niche keyword and do not forget to include the double quotes.Double quotes are used to match exact string.
After using the search method described above, you will get tons of result.

Visit the blogs and find out the page rank which is displayed by the SearchStatus addon.Now, activate NoDoFollow by clicking on NoDoFollow present under the Tools menu of FireFox.

DoFollow Links will have blue color.
If the website has DoFollow commenting system, simply post a nice comment (don’t spam) with name as anchor text and site URL in website field.

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