Get Indexed Quickly by Search Engines

After building a brand new website, it becomes irresistible to get indexed quickly.Well, with little effort a website can get indexed quickly by search engine crawlers.All we have to do is to push our site to a place where search engine bots hit frequently.Here, there are few techniques to get your brand new site listed by search engines.

1.Webmaster Tools

First of all register with webmaster tools provided by search engine giants like Google, Bing, etc.Verify your website ownership and submit your site with a sitemap.

2.Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free web tool from Google.It is used to track visitors to your website.Register there and add your website by inserting a nice little javascript into your website.

Register a MyYahoo account and submit your site RSS feed .Then use services like pingomatic to ping every time you update your blog.

4. Digg
Digg is social bookmarking website with a huge traffic. Search engine bots usually crawl websites featued on Digg.So, register an account with Digg and submit your site.


This is news oriented website and important fact is this site is loved by search can register and submit your site.
Some other sites to be used for same purpose are :






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