Three Important Upgradation by Blogger

blogger anniversary

This year Blogger platform has undergone updates to enable some of the most coveted features.The changes has been brought on the occasion of’s 10th anniversary.These changes include a label cloud widget, a sleek new editor with jump line break and a cool comments with pictures.Though there are a lot about the editor, in this post we’ll now check out the jump break.

Label Cloud

Earlier we used to modify the blog template to create a label cloud.Of course that a little bit messy.The label cloud by Blogger is flexible and easy to use.You can add it by going Layout from the Dashboard.Click on add new widget and select label cloud with labels of your desire.There is option to arrange in by frequency or alphabetically.

blogger label cloud

Jump Line Break

Earlier expandable post hack was done by conditional CSS or JavaScript.But, in the improved editor this feature in-built.In order to use the jump break or expendable post feature, new editor has to be activated from the settings page.Jump break is available in compose mode.

For those who use HTML mode, this can be used by inserting <!– more –>. 

jump break blogger

You can even change the “read more” that appears below the blogposts by a simple modification in the BlogPost widget present in Layout section.

activate jump break

Picture in Comment

The comment system seems dull without picture of commenter.In the improved Blogger platform picture of commenter can be displayed after enabling in the settings page of Blogger account.Picture posted in the profile page of the commenter will be seen.

comment profile image blogger

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