New Orkut Design Launched by Google

Orkut has been upgraded to new Orkut with stunning GUI .As always this time also Google product retains it’s fame of providing easy to use interface.The new Orkut is invite only.So, in my post we’ll discuss about getting new orkut invites.In this post we’ll discuss some new features of Orkut.

First of all let’s get into the friend list and community list:

You can find all your friends from the home page or profile page in a scrolling windows for friends and community.But, the number of members in the community is hidden the home page.There is a search box embedded on the top of the list.

Scrapbook :

First five scraps are shown on the profile page and you can reply from home page only.No need to migrate to scrapbook.
Other than that you just like old times, you can scrap media files.

Profile Page :

Now, here comes the major upgrade of new Orkut.You can put images, youtube videos in the about me section.You can even create a custom tab for profile page.
You can access testimonials, fan list, private messages from the more drop down link.

The new Orkut comes with a fast photo uploader and super cool video album that lets friends add comment. to video files.

Orkut community pages remain same.No option to categorise the posts and no media files in the community profile page.

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