Top three FireFox addons for Bloggers

There are some very powerful FireFox addons developed to aid bloggers.They are very easy to use and very effective to get you most out of your blog.the add-ons can help in SEO, generating media content for your blog.In this post we are going to cover top three FireFox add-ons.

SEO Blogger

Before writing an article for your blog post you will need to research relevant keywords. These keywords are to be included in the post title, the body of the post, and within the all in one SEO fields.
Word tracker comes to your rescue by creating this wonderful tool that integrates with your FireFox browser and works alongside the WordPress or Blogger blog.In order to use this, login to your blog and open the Word tracker tool by clicking the logo in the bottom right corner of Firefox.
Before writing the content, determine your keyword and put it in the box present at the top of the word tracker tool.It will then return a few related keywords that you may want to include in your post. Click add to place the desired keywords into the box below.
The tool will then count how may times you have used each keyword within the post title, the post itself, and even within the all in one SEO tool (a plug-in of WordPress blogs).


Zemanta analyses contents or posts generated by users using natural language processing and semantic search in order to automatically suggest tags, pictures for the blogpost and links to the related articles.Along with this you will get latest posts and contents created by fellow zemanta users.This can be used along with Blogger,Wordpress blogs and mail services like gmail .


Apture is very powerful and flexible FireFox add-on that seamlessly integrates with WOrdPress Blog, Blospot blog so as to let you add multimedia content with a single click.You can add audio,video,images to give your users a rich interactivity.

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