Top 10 web 2.0 websites to Promote Blog

The web 2.0 is having a revolutionary effect on the whole Internet.It has brought a tremendous change in the way people used to communicate or share information.So, why not take advantage of web 2.0 to promote our blog ?? There plenty of sites ready to promote your blog out there.In this post we’ll check out the top 10 websites available to us.

BlogCatalogBlogCatalog is a online social media community for bloggers and a blog directory.You can submit your blog and add people as your friend.Once your blog is approved you can make use of their feature called “broadcast”.By broadcasting your message will be received by all your friends.So, whenever you make a post login to BlogCatalog and broadcast your massage with a link your blog.

MyBlogLogMyBlogLog is a social community owned by Yahoo and developed only for bloggers. You can add your blogs to MyBlogLog account and create community for your blogs.Members of your community will get subscribed to your posts and share the posts among their friends.The blog widgets and tracking system provided by MyBlogLog is surely very effective.

StumbleUponStumbleUpon is a great asset for whoever surfs Internet.Surfers with similar interest form a kind of virtual community.You can add your blog to StumbleUpon and use the StumbleUpon FireFox add-on to stumble some of your best posts.

DiggDigg is a social bookmarking website where people bookmark web pages containing text,videos,images and others can rate using voting,commenting system.Most popular submitted links feature on the homepage and surely they receive huge traffic from digg.Using Facebook connect feature digg articles can be shared on user’s Facebook page.From time to time you must digg some of your blog pages.

DeliciousDelicious is also another most popular social bookmarking website where users submit different links.You can use this site to draw traffic for your blog.

FacebookYou must be having a facebook account with friends and a beautiful wall where your friends post messages.Then why not tell your friends about your blog .

TwitterThese days twitter is the flavor of the season and everyone is tweeting with 160 word wonder.You can setup a twitter account solely dedicated to your blog and give link to each of posts.You can also get suggestions from your twitter followers.

YouTubeThis site a very popular video sharing website with ever increasing user base.All you need to do is to create a account and give its usename the primary keyword of your blog.Then post some nice videos with a watermark of your blog link.I’m sure if the video goes viral, you will get a severe load on server because of traffic.

MixxThis is another social bookmarking website, where users submit news article,videos,pictures. You can also submit your blog links to promote your site.

Yahoo Answers!If you have Yahoo! account, join this community. Here people ask questions and get answers from real people and share information.You can go there and answer some questions related to your niche with a nice little link to your blog.But,don’t just may face a ban.Give logical answers and drive huge traffic.

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