Google Chrome OS Available for Beta Download

I had posted about Google Chrome OS.It is expected to be available for users in the second half of 2010.If it is too irrestible for you to wait for Google Chrome OS, check out the beta version of the OS.Seems as if as always Google is bang on the target.This version is based on Open SUSE.You can download the ISO image to install it on your hard disk or use virtualisation software like VMware or VirtiualBox.

Featured software in Chrome OS:

  • GNOME 2.24 desktop environment
  • Google Chrome 4.0.220 web browser
  • 3.0 office suite
  • GIMP 2.6 image editor
  • Flash Player 10.0 plugin
  • and much more!

System requirements of Chrome OS:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium, Xeon or newer; AMD Duron, Athlon, Sempron, Opteron or newer
  • RAM: min. 256 MB
  • Hard disk: min. 1 GB
  • Graphics card: supports most modern graphics cards

Click Here to Download Google Chrome OS

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