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Blogger favicon
Favicon is a small brand-able image associated with a specific website which is displayed in the address bar of the web browser.Every Blogger blog has its own favicon by default that doesn’t go along with every blog.Each blog has it’s own flavor and it must have its own favicon in order to be distinguishable.It will act like a trademark and certainly helpful in building traffic.In this post we will check out simple way to put a favicon on your Blogger powered blog.

In order to create a favicon the image can be in any one of the .ico , .gif , .png format.The thing is that in case of .ico format the favicon can be of 32 x 32 or 16 x 16 pixel. In other extensions the favicon will be 16 x 16 pixel.

You can use programs like photoshop , Gimp to create favicon or free web applications.You can find some of the favicon generators from the link given below or you can just Google to get the results.

Now upload the favicon to or . You may use your own file host.

After uploading get the hotlink to your favicon.

When your favicon is ready go the Layout from Blogger dashboard and then into ‘edit HTML‘.

Now just before the add this line and save your template .

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