Resore Grub after reinstalling windows

restore grub, linux
My father uses a triple boot system with Windows XP , Ubuntu and PClinuxOS .Yesterday we had to reinstall the copy of windows .After re-installation of Windows it wiped out Grub of PClinuxOS and established a new boot record.Now this must have happened to many out there.How to recover the old linux grub ?? There is sweet little program that will make this task damn easy .In this post we’ll check out this task.
1.First download auto super grub disk .This utility is our savior.

2.Now run it.Just check whether every option (windows installation directory,type: hard disk) is set correctly.Click ok.
restore grub,auto super grub disk
3.You will get a message to select Unetbootin menu entry after restart.CLick ok to restart.
restore grub
4.After the system restarts select Unetbootin menu entry and hit enter.

5.Wait and let it fix the grub. Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete to restart.

6.Next time you log on to Windows , it will ask you remove current version of Unetbootin . Hit enter and you are done.restore grub


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