Search Engines Beyond Google

search engine beyond google
It won’t be difficult to agree with Google’s dominance over the internet.They have very diversified range of products that are just too good to be overlooked.The rise of online advertising ,exponential increase in web content and competitions who never stand up to the expectation have major part in establishing Google’s empire.Their unique page ranking algorithm and complex way of creating search engine result page will not be able to produce appealing result just like the old times.Here we will be check out some new search engines who can be used along with Google.

Wolfram|Alpha (

Unlike acceptable search, which lists sites where answers may reside, Wolfram|Alpha, the “computational ability engine,” in fact computes answers for you. It has been robust expert knowledge: 10 trillion+ “pieces of data” affiliated through over 50,000+ algorithms and models. Searching for “Google Microsoft employees” not only throws up the exact number of employees as reported by both companies in recent time, but also draws a allusive comparison graph spanning over the last few years.

Bing (

Superciliously reagarded as Google alternative, but it’s no Google. Microsoft’s agleamming new sleek search engine comes abutting to accomplishing what Google does, sometimes better. Bing’s “decision engine” goes above basic and general search in areas like travel, arcade or financial niche. This may put off guys who adopt not to be “nudged” by their search engines, but a lot of will like it. Bing has as well innovated in the way result pages are presented: Hovering over a search page result will cull up a gist of the page or present accompanying phrases.

Scoopler (

Standard search algorithms, including Google’s, aren’t actively abundant to instantly crawl the “real-time Web” — instant messages, link- or photo-sharing, exchanges on amusing networks. Scoopler is a start-up that searches services like Twitter, Flickr and Digg for what users are talking about that actual instant. A seek for “Nokia N95” throws up a constantly-updating conversation from the feed. Most of the results are from Twitter, depicting its ascendancy on the real-time Web.

Mahalo (

Machines and algorithms are alone as acceptable as they are fabricated to be. Mahalo goes to the source, with the raw and fundamental approach. The aggregation encourages users to “claim” and again “curate” adept pages about topics. Mahalo hopes that accepting humans organise and present the result page will appear as warmer and add allusive effect to searchers. If you’re into, say, “Sushi” or “Angelina Jolie” and don’t wish abundance of abortive seek results, try Mahalo’s well-curated pages on both subjects, abounding with lots and lots of information.

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