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As anyone using Windows operating system knows importance of cleaning .Otherwise you will be waiting till eternity just to accomplish a task.This post will feature top six free software to clean your computer .Although there are many commercial applications available, the programs featured here won’t affect your swelling wallet.I’ll cover antivrus program ,general system cleaner,regestry defragmentor in this list.

This freeware is a light weight and efficient system cleaner.It removes clutter from your system giving you more free space to work with.Unused temporary files,cache,files downloaded from internet while browsing all get wiped out.The freeware works with all popular browsers like FireFox,Internet Explorer,Opera.It also comes with a fully featured regestry cleaner.

2.AVG Free
This is one of most popular free anti virus program available over the internet.This freeware is available for latest version of Windows to Linux and FreeBSD.There is also a premium version available.But,if you know how to deal with this fellow called internet AVG free version will keep way out of trouble.It comes with many automatic update feature,firewall,etc.This program can be used to replace commercial software.

Defraggler is a program that can replace the default system defragmentor provided by Windows.This software is free,compact and fast.The installation file is of less than 1MB.Defraggler has option to defragment individual files and folders.

4.Comodo System cleaner
The Comodo Registry cleaner is also a freeware and efficient cleaner that will scan your registry from invalid and orphan entries caused due to day to day system use.
You have option to restore your registry just in case something goes wrong.Along with this there are scheduled registry scan,start up manger and full system logging features.IT alo removes temporary files and removes privacy related log files etc.

5.Spybot-Search & Destroy
This free software really inhances your system security by eradicating spyware that are not discovered by antivirus programs in general.I supports many different operating systems with different language support.Spybot Search & Destroy also comes with an option to erase privacy issues and fixes some registry problem.

6.Advanced System Care
The freeware is a product of iobit that provides one click solution to protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.This program is fast and eficient. It has almost all features and options to keep your computer running at very optimized speed.

Article is submitted by Joel, Who is a tech expert and provides information on his website related to best registry cleaners and how to Speed up computer. You can download a free registry cleaner softwre and scan your PC.

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