Convert FireFox into a TV with 2700 channels

So,who wants to conevert their beloved FireFox browser into a full-fledged TV.Sometime or other you time have come across software that gathers lots of TV channels available over the internet put them together for convenience.But,they never forget to attach the price tag that can give your wallet weightlessness experience.So,here is a free stuff for you to start watching TV directly from your Firefox Browser.

You will just have to install a FireFox addon and you are done.

TV-FOX is a Firefox addon that organizes 2780 live TV channels into country as well as category.You can browse different categories like music tv ,sports tv,news v,etc.The addon will be available on a toolbar of FireFox adding a small search box with 6 popular search engines – Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Torrent, eBay and Amazon Search.
tv fox firefox addon
There is one more thing.You can watch multiple number of TV streams if your connection doesn’t let you down.

TV-Fox uses windows media player.So, you will need to install a windows media player plugin.

Works with:
Firefox: 1.5 – 3.0.*


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