Google Chrome OS aka Microsoft Windows killer

Google Chrome OS windows Killer
On 7th July the official Google blog featured a new post ,which was more of a landmark about new beginning in the operating system community.Google has announced about their new proposed operating system Google Chrome OS.They have made it clear that the operating system will be more open source that will require help of open source community.This Google Chrome OS will be an extension of their free Chrome browser and primarily targeted towards netbooks.This will be available for consumers in the secod half of 2010.

Just like the browser ,Chrome OS will be designed from the basics making it lightweight,fast and secure with minimal,tidy interface.The underlying system architecture will be based upon linux kernel.The processes will be isolated and sandboxed to prevent malware infections.The web applications will work automatically and new new applications can be written using available web technology.To provide large developer base ,the applications will be made to work with any standard based web browser on Windows,Linux,MacIt will run on both the X86 and ARM chips.

Google Chrome OS is specifically designed for people who spend most of their time on the web and it will power computers from netbooks to desktops.

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Full transcript of an interview with Google Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt discussing about privacy issues.

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