Windows Live Planet social networking site from Microsoft

It seems like Microsoft trying it hard to compete with Google .Well, they launched one of their aggressively advertised sites that straight away surpassed the traffic count of the sites like twitter,digg.This time they have launched their social networking site Windows Live Planet.They are here to compete with social networking big daddies like Orkut and Facebook.They have got some decent features but not all of the updated features of Orkut and Facebook.Thouh many of the Orkut’s application were vulnerable to XSS.

You can sign in with windows Live/MSN id/Hotmail id as they are integrated.Hey there is also this option of automatic sign in with Windows Live messenger.Otherwise you can sign up with your gmail,yahoo mail id.
windows live planet
They have made extensive use of AJax for easy profile editing on the profile pages.
Other than that there basic options like avatars,scribble (scrapbook in Orkut and wall in FaceBook).But,this platform is not a clone of any other social networking sites.
I just hope they will add lot many features in near feature.If they don’t there will be no option other than basking in darkness.

You might be interested in creating your own social networking site with open source software.

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