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Ever thought of creating a website like,where people can create free accounts and may opt for blogging with the free site.Some of you might have thought of creating social networking site where people can message,add friends,create groups,etc.Well I don’t have a good news for you ,because here is a great news.This post will tell you about creating sites given above with free and open source software.

There are two things required to set up a site which will be both a social networking and blogging platform.

Requirement 1 :

WordPress MU

WordPress MU is the WordPress MultiUser .It has all the functionality of wordpress blogging script except that it designed for multiuser version.

Using this script you can create lot many blogs for your users with ability to set various permission.

Download Link :

There you will get all the installation instruction.

Well, this is the script used to run the site

Requirement 2:

What does it do ??
This script completely integrates with the default WordPress MU installation and focused to the members so as to add social networking features by the plugins.

BuddyPress is a suite of WordPress plugins and themes who let the members socally interact with each other.

1.Extended Profiles
The administrator can set many different profile fields for the members and they can be grouped.

2.Private Messaging
Members can exchange messages in between them.The administrator can also send site wide messages.

Members can browse different profiles and add them.Profiles are not restricted.

Groups are more of a gathering of members when they can post forum topic,wire post. Groups also include a group forum (bbPress), and wire where group members can engage in discussions. These features can be selectively enabled by group creator.

5.The Wire
The wire is a place where friends and other members can come along and post messages to a specific piece of content within a BuddyPress installation.

6.Activity Streams
Activity streams aggregate all of your activity across a BuddyPress installation. All of your friends activity is also recorded so you can check what others are doing on the site.

7.Blog Tracking
The blogs component will aggregate all blogs, blog posts and comments for a member across the entire installation. This means other members can easily find all blogs that a member belongs to or owns, as well as their recent posts and comments.

The forums component allows groups to create and manage their own bbPress forum. Group members can post and reply to topics all from within the group’s page.

9.Status Updates (Mid 2009)
Status updates in BuddyPress will appear on a member’s profile page. A member can update their status as frequently as they want to.

10.Photo Album (Late 2009)
Members of a BuddyPress installation will be able to create their own photo albums. These albums can be shared with friends and groups.

Fore more information :

Live Demo :

Bonus ::

Add themes to the installation : (VERY NICE THEMES)

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