How to burn a .iso image file to a CD or DVD

what is .iso image file ??
An ISO image is an archive file (aka disk image) of an optical disc (CD ,DVD)in a format defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).Commonly computer games and live Linux distributions who require require physical media are presented in this format.
So how to write .iso file to a CD or DVD ??

Here I’ll be telling you about two very flexible and lightweight software to burn .iso files .They are PowerISO and MagicISO.

I’ll explain you how to burn the image file using PowerISO.Same procedure also applies to MagicISO.The download links are given below.

1.Just install the software as usual.

2.Now open the .iso image file with PowerISO.

3.Click on burn present at top.Refer to the screenshot given below.

4.Click on burn.See the screenshot given below.

It is advisable to set the burning speed at 4X or 8X.

5.Now take a cup of tea or coffee and you’ll be notified after successful completion.

Download Links ::


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Official Site

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