Google flags the whole internet as malware

On saturday google caused terrible fear among internet users all over the world from 1430 GMT to 1525 GMT.During that period of time google flagged each and every web site as malicious which were generated from the search result.This happened irrespective of the platform and browser.

Clicking the message took people to a support page from Google . The page pointed to (which was loading slowly or not at all at thet time).

Marissa Mayer Vice President, Search Products & User Experience, of google informed that the tragic event was caused due to human generated error.According to her after a ‘/’ was mistakenly put in an update sent from the non-profit to Google (the non-profit also posted more details). The result was every URL in Google’s database being classified as “malware” until the stray ‘/’ was removed.

The official explanation from Google

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Following link gives you explanation from
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