360 degree Profiling to check evaders

What is 360° profiling ?

It is a database of suspected money launderers,criminals and corrupt officials that track their actvities and transactions in minute detail through synergy with various agencies and service providers.

How does it map suspects ?

Through their mobile conversations,credit car use,bank statements,travel tickets,hotel bills,real estate deals.Any transaction where PAN card is used eventually shows up in suspect’s profile.

Has it helped recover money ?

Yes.A woman using three PANs,all registered at different addresses,was mapped and invistigated last year.Within few days,her links with a leading real estate firm
were established and she had to disclose hidden income of nearly 1,000 million dollar(100 crore rupees).

RS.40 crore (400 million dollar) recovered from Delhi-based stockbroker on tip-off based on demat (dematerialised account) transactions.

Rs.30 crore (300 million dollar) tax paid by a delhi family on eal estate deals they had made worth RS.100cr (1000 million dollar).

Who is under watch ?

Some of the country’s leading bureaucrats,politicians,journalists,lawyers and judges,industrialists and corporate houses.

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