Browsing internet can damage environment!

Environmental experts warned that browsing a website like Google could cause as much damage to the environment by generating more carbon dioxide as the aviation industry.

If you do a Google search once, it generates about seven grams of carbon dioxide — about one half of boiling a kettle of water for tea, which produces about 15 grams.

The CO2 emissions are caused by the electricity that is required to power a user’s computer and the electricity that is used by Google’s servers or other website’s servers. The electricity is mostly generated by fossil fuels which then emit more CO2 into the atmosphere.

Environmental experts not only blame Google but the entire information technology industry. According to Gartner, an American research firm, the IT industry produces about two percent of global CO2 emissions and their carbon footprint exceeded aviation industry for the first time in 2007.

Dr. Alex Wissner-Gross, a physicist from Harvard University, has calculated how much a single visit to a website produces CO2. It produces about 0.02 grams of CO2 for every second they are viewed. If the site has more multimedia features, then it will produce even more CO2 amounts close to 0.20 grams.

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