New .tel domain :web’s phone book

From 3 December companies will be able to buy addresses associated with a new web domain.

Called .tel, the domain is intended to act as a universal contact point rather than as a hook on which to hang websites.

Owners of .tel domains will be encouraged to populate it with details about how they can be contacted.

The domain is designed to work on the web and with mobile phones such as the Apple iPhone and Blackberry.

Phase one

Owners of .tel domains will be able to manage their contact details via a simple dashboard and surrender as much or as little information as they desire.

Phase two
The second phase begins on 3 February 2009 and is a “landrush” phase open to anyone though domains will be on sale at a premium.

Phase three

The final general availability phase starts on 24 March 2009 when the domain will be open to all comers.

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BBC news

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