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Increase Your Torrent Download Speed

This is the most important query that i often hear “How to increase my torrent download speed “. Torrent occupies most of the internet users heart .So inorder to increase its speed , do the following :

To Do 1:
Increase Your TCP Connections :
Normally windows Restricts you to use only 10 TCP , to provide security to your PC. You can increase this 10 to about the range between 50 to 100 . For this you need to install this patch .
Click Here To Download The Patch

To Do 2:
Port Forwarding :
Every Ip address is divided into different Port Numbers .Each application use different Port number . You should have a separate port for your Torrent dowloader to download . So that you need to Forward your Port to download . Follow these steps
1] Goto portforwarding.com
2] Select Your modem, from the list given in the site .
3] Now select the Torrent Application4] Follow the Steps given .

To Do 3:
Minimising your Upload Limit :
Your upload speed will be defaultly set to maximum . So you need to decrease it to enable more downloading . The ratio should around 80 : 100 upload limit .
~If you have Bittorrent Client read this to optimise your settings .
~If you have BitComet SEE THIS

To Do 4:
Disable Windows Firewall :
If you use Windows Firewall disable it and go for some other option which is P2p friendly ! Because Windows firewall hates the P2p connections .

To Do 5 :
Queuing Settings :
According to the download speed , you can limit the number of torrents you download . For example , If you have 256 kbps , the normal limit of torrents will be 5 . So decide how many you are going to download , you can download multiple small files , or some few larger files at the same time !
Try these and your can download the Torrents in high speed !!

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